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Public Training Courses

de Bono Thinking Systems network of Authorized Distributors hosts public seminars in locations around the world. You will leave these one or two day courses with tools you can use immediately at work, at home and in your community.

By attending a public course, you are entitled to use the tools and knowledge gained for individual purposes and to facilitate group processes.

Whether there is a decision to make, a conflict to resolve or a group discussion to manage, you will experience greater efficiency and collaboration if you employ the methods from the de Bono courses.

Six Thinking Hats®

In this world renowned course you will learn about the six different modes of thinking in the brain (or the Six Thinking Hats®). You will use each hat in practical exercises, and will leave with the ability to use Parallel Thinking® in personal decisions or to gain new insight. You can also use it as a facilitation tool in meetings where groups must generate or evaluate ideas, make difficult decisions or negotiate outcomes.

Lateral Thinking

In this course, you will learn new tools to help you find alternative solutions and dramatically increase the number of new and practical ideas you (or your team) is able to come up with. This process is called involves unconventional thinking techniques that reroute logic and cause the brain to search for answers in uncharted territory, thereby supporting greater innovation. You will experience hands-on application of these proven creative thinking tools.

Lateral Thinking Short Course*

In this fast-paced one-day course you will cover four of the seven Lateral Thinking tools. By the end of this course you will also have had experience applying these four proven creative thinking tools. You will be able to use them to generate innovative ideas and original alternatives in practical situations.

*May not be available in all regions

Course in Creativity™

This course combines two time-tested methodologies - Six Thinking Hats® and Lateral Thinking - to maximize training benefit for your organization. As a result, participants will enhance their communication and teamwork skills while generating more creative ideas and increasing overall output. If you want a comprehensive course on the core de Bono methodology, the Course in Creativity™ will give you the tools you need to jumpstart innovation.

The Power of Perception™

In this challenging course, you will learn and use the ten The Power of Perception™ tools developed by Dr. de Bono. PoP™ gives you ten simple strategies to help focus thinking in a more efficient way. These tools will help expand your ideas about perception and improve your ability to consider consequences before taking action.

Focus on Facilitation™

Facilitators are in high-demand today. Companies are always searching for specialists who are trained to effectively manage meetings. Focus on Facilitation™ combines the three sets of tools (Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking and The Power of Perception™) and applies them specifically to the world of professional facilitation. You will learn to engage meeting participants and help them accomplish a lot more during meetings.


If your organization is looking for ways to streamline products and processes, thereby becoming more effective, efficient and user-friendly, Simplicity will help you accomplish these goals. Simplicity teaches people to end habits that are no longer necessary, stop duplication of tasks, and challenge every aspect of business so that they can perform at a higher level in all areas.

Six Value Medals™

In this course you will learn how to quickly but thoroughly scan for values that are important for your employees, the organization, your clients, community relationships, and more. Six Value Medals™ will also teach you how to prioritize which values are the most important to pursue, and then ensure that top values are addressed and maximized every step of the way. With Six Value Medals™ you will be able to assess the impact that a decision may have on your organization's attempts to create and protect value.

To find a de Bono Thinking Systems training seminar or certification course near you, please refer to the Global Training Schedule or contact an Authorized Distributor in your region.